Why Dulcinea?

In the fiction classic Don Quixote, by Miguel Cervantes, the hero's delusional imagination transforms a simple peasant woman into a beautiful queen, Dulcinea. The novel relates Don Quixote's valiant but futile quest for Dulcinea. Although she's not as he imagines her, his belief in her majesty keeps his quest alive. How many times have you searched futilely and endlessly on the Internet for information, and wondered if you, too, were delusional?

With his faithful sidekick, Sancho Panza, in tow, Don Quixote wandered aimlessly, heeded bad advice from strangers, hit dead ends, and a series of near misses was the closest he came in his quest. Does this sound familiar?

But your quest has brought you to Dulcinea Media, and here the fates diverge. Don Quixote never found Dulcinea. But we facilitate your quest for information on the Internet: search tools made easy, authoritative sources revealed, Internet secrets divulged. So make Dulcinea Media your trusty sidekick, and we will show you how to find your Dulcinea — whatever that may be.